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Bringing together our combined enthusiasm of fine photographic gear and fine watches.

Cameras & Watches

What Does Fine Photographic Gear have to do with watches?

At first glance, it might seem odd to put cameras and watches together. It is not your typical “Camera Store” model, but we are not you typical camera store. However, there's a good reason for this. Cameras and watches are both finely crafted tools that we greatly appreciate. Our enthusiasm for quality photographic equipment comes from the precision, durability, and enjoyment they provide. Interestingly, if you replace "Fine Photographic tools" with "Fine Watches" in that statement, the sentiment remains the same. This is why we think cameras and watches complement each other perfectly. Ultimately, our shared passion for both inspired us to create a retail environment that brings together photographers and watch enthusiasts.


how watches made it in a camera store

Our journey began in our first store in Monterey, CA, where we started accepting IWC, Rolex, Omega, Panerai and more fine watches as trade-ins for Leica, Hasselblad, Linhof, Nikon, and other fine photographic equipment. The high-quality equipment we dealt with often secured a substantial return on investment for our customers, making a transition from, say, an IWC Chronograph to a Leica M appealing. This practice continued for years in a sort of "If you know, you know" scenario. In 2019, we noticed an increase in interest in our watch dealings, prompting us to formalize this side venture with the launch of C.W. Watch Shop, offering a curated collection of pre-owned fine watches.

In 2021, we extended our offerings by partnering with two independent watch brands that align with our commitment to fine tools. We added Fortis Watches from Gretchen, Switzerland, known for creating ultra-durable tool watches for real aerospace missions and their rich history. We also introduced Damasko, a small German independent watchmaker, which compensates for its lack of marketing presence with robust and expertly constructed watches.

Today, we offer a broad selection of new and pre-owned watches, along with accessories, catering to both watch enthusiasts and photographers in our stores and online.



How Watches Inspire Us As Photographers

Just like other aspects of life, watches inspire us to create, capture, and enjoy the art of photography. Similar to a breathtaking landscape or an exquisite automobile, a fine watch encourages us to examine the details and appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and design. Watches are a small yet incredibly useful and enjoyable tool. The enthusiasm for photography and watches complement each other. As we meet and get to know people with similar passions, we find this to be a common theme.

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Buying, Selling & Trading

Making it fluid for you to move between fine tools.

We buy, sell, and trade watches, cameras, and other fine photographic equipment. Our aim is to make the process seamless and allow you to enjoy moving between tools without the barriers of buying and selling. You can trade watches for fine photographic equipment and vice versa, both at our stores and online. For those fortunate enough to live near one of our California-based locations, we offer in-store buying, selling, and trading of watches and high-quality photographic gear for a bespoke and secure transaction.

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