The Watch Shop Team

All of us at C.W. Watch Shop are passionate about watches from collecting, photographing, and using watches of all vintages, price points, and types. Below is the core group of people that work daily with C.W. Watch Shop.

Sean Cranor

CEO/President at Camera West Inc.

Sean started Camera West Inc. C.W. Watch Shops Parent company over 20 years ago in Monterey California. Sean has decades of experience in high-end collectibles and runs three successful retail stores in California which include Leica Store San Francisco, Camera West Walnut Creek, and Camera West Rancho Mirage. From vintage Rolex subs to Fortis Chronographs to the occasional Seiko SKX, Sean can be found sporting just about any watch provided it's a tool watch.

Joseph Ramos

COO/Director of Purchasing & Sales

Joseph began his career in luxury retail in the high-end audio/video sales and installation market, founding his own business over 20 years ago. During this time, he began collecting timepieces and has gained a wealth of knowledge in regards to vintage and modern timepieces, along with their history and provenance. Joseph’s collection is varied, with vintage and modern timepieces of all makes and styles. He can be found wearing anything from a vintage Seiko Diver one day, to a Rolex GMT the next, with just about everything else in between.

Allegra Ramos

Customer Support Concierge

Allegra is the primary point of contact through the C.W. Watch website. From day-to-day customer questions to managing inventory Allegra is hands-on with many different day-to-day tasks with the C.W. Watch shop. If you have a question reach out to and Allegra will respond with an answer as quickly as possible.

Ben Carpenter

Director of Marketing & Ecommerce

Ben manages all Marketing and eCommerce websites for Camera West Inc. Ben entered the world of watches through the photo retail space as the two worlds melded together he found himself collecting watches next to cameras and optics. Ben's taste in watches lies heavily on the vintage-inspired Micro brands side of things and dabbles a bit in vintage Seiko's as well.