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About Damasko

DAMASKO, a watchmaker residing in the small town of Barbing, Germany, crafts durable tool watches that serve as a benchmark for others in the industry. Their innovative watchmaking technologies and practices push the boundaries of creating well-made, long-lasting, and enjoyable tools with the modern day user in mind.

DAMASKO not only creates exquisite tool watches but also excels as fine metal craftsmen and engineers. They specialize in turning and machining parts for aeronautical, naval, and other specialized industries. The company cleverly applies many of their non-watchmaking techniques to their watch technologies, from the movements to the materials and special mechanisms they create. DAMASKO identified the need for ultra-durable tool watches that can endure daily usage and designed their tools to function without fail.

Many of DAMASKO's watches comply with NATO's standard Mil.810 and are used by special military groups worldwide, including Airbus Euro Test Fighter squadron's official issued watch. Damasko holds over 100 patents and continues to innovative on their current accomplishments. Their durable and robust crown and pusher system, innovative ball bearing rotor, and silicon hairspring that is both shockproof and antimagnetic, all contribute to watches that require minimal to no service. Even after extensive use, these watches often maintain a new appearance and function.

DAMASKO is a leader in German watchmaking, as 80-90% of their watch components, including movements and materials, are manufactured in-house at their factory in Barbing and all assembly is done in-house as well. Their innovative C51 and A26 in-house movements are well-made and mechanically excellent. Additionally, their super durable, ice-hardened steel cases underline their reputation for producing authentic and robust German-made tools.

While DAMASKO may not be the most well-known watch brand, this might not be a disadvantage. Damasko prioritizes making incredible tool watches at a price point that many of us can enjoy. Although this might limit their marketing budget, it doesn't compromise their product quality. We recommend considering Damasko watches if you're seeking a beautifully made, robust, and durable time keeping tool ready for adventure you have ahead.

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In House


DAMASKO takes pride in producing nearly 90% of their watches, including the cases, components, and movements, all within their manufacturing headquarters in Barbing, Germany. This includes not just the production, but also the assembly of these watches. Very few watch brands can make this claim, especially at this price point.

Made In Germany

DAMASKO doesn't just claim "Made in Germany", they truly are. The majority of their production and assembly occur under the same roof in Barbing, Germany. The watch cases are milled and treated at their facility. Many of the new models, which we focus on, feature "In-House Movements". While these are based on a 7750 main plate, they're completely machined, assembled and produced in-house. Furthermore, assembly and quality control are handled by the best German watchmakers at DAMASKO HQ. Overall, it's estimated that nearly 90% of Damasko watches are made in Germany, most of which happen within the DAMASKO manufacturing facility.

Family Owned & Operated

DAMASKO is a family name. The DAMASKO family has been operating their business for over 25 years. As our own businesses are also predominantly family-run, we are excited to see the manufacture of these amazing watches.

Inovative Production

DAMASKO, led by some of the finest watchmakers of our time, is a notable innovator. When ETA ceased to supply movements to DAMASKO, the company chose to innovate by creating their own movement. This new movement not only met the standards of the outgoing ETA movements, but also improved upon them, making their movements stronger, more robust, and even more accurate. DAMASKO has pioneered various technologies and materials to make their watches the ultimate tool watches.

DAMASKO is a producer of high-quality tool watches. Many of their watch technologies and processes are derived from other industries they are involved with. For example, many of their in-house movements feature ball bearings on the rotor. This reduces friction inside the movement and significantly decreases the need for servicing your DAMASKO watch. Similarly, DAMASKO has produced their silicon hairspring, making the watch highly resistant to shocks, g-forces, and magnetic fields that would normally affect a watch's timekeeping.

Moreover, DAMASKO watches are built to Mil-Spec and are used by the US Military and the Airbus Defense. They are the official service watch of Eurofighter test pilots due to their ability to withstand rigorous test conditions of the NATO military standard Mil.810.

While DAMASKO watches might not be widely recognized in the civilian space, they are highly regarded in the professional space. They are considered some of the best tools for modern pilots, naval and military personnel who rely on these tools for their work. DAMASKO doesn't widely advertise this, unlike some companies, because they are focused on building tool watches for real-world applications, not just for marketing purposes!

State of The Art


DAMASKO distinguishes itself from many independent watchmakers by producing truly in-house manufactured calibers. These have unique features and complications, such as central minute chronographs and dates that can be set regardless of the time set without damaging the movement in any way.

Crown & Pusher System

DAMASKO's crown and pushers are quite exceptional, allowing full use underwater without any water entering the case body. This technology is exclusive to DAMASKO and is unheard of in the watchmaking industry.

DAMASKO features a patented crown and pusher system with specific lubricating cells and gaskets. These features ensure lasting function and durability over many years of use. The DAMASKO crown system incorporates a triple seal system for maximum protection. When the crown is screwed down, the shaft disengages from the movement. This prevents any additional vibrations, shocks, or pressure from being transferred to the movement. Similarly, the pushers on DAMASKO's chronographs are securely installed and permanently sealed. This provides maximum protection and ensures years of reliable use without the need for servicing.

Date/Day Functions

DAMASKO Watches feature a unique day/date mechanism. Usually, adjusting the date near the turnover time can be risky, as it may cause damage to the movement. We've all accidentally changed the date when the hands are near the 12 o'clock position. However, this isn't a concern with a DAMASKO watch!

On almost all DAMASKO models (the DK models feature the date at the standard position), the date and day of the week are uniquely positioned below the 3 o'clock mark to enhance readability. To reduce eye strain, unnecessary print near these displays has been purposefully avoided. For models that include a weekday display, there are two variants depending on the model: a monolingual display in either German or English, or a bilingual display. With the bilingual option, you can independently set the permanently displayed language to either German or English.

Magnetic Protection

DAMASKO watches offer antimagnetic protection with a special shield technology comparable to a Faraday cage, matching the antimagnetic properties of watches like the Rolex Milgauss. This antimagnetic shielding on DAMASKO watches guards against magnetism up to 80,000 A/m and meets the stringent DIN8309 standard.

Overview of In-House Movements

DAMASKO has gradually shifted from using mass-produced movements in their watches after ETA slowed the supply of movements to third party, non-swiss, watchmakers. While some models, such as the DC57 and DC58, still feature Valjoux movements, the watches we stock here at CW Watch Shop are largely of the in-house variety. However, the term "in-house" means different things to different people. For DAMASKO, "in-house" means they use the frame of a classic 7750 movement in many instances and then enhance it with their own technologies and parts. The movement and components of a DAMASKO in-house movement are 100% machined, produced, and assembled at DAMASKO. This results in a truly in-house movement, placing Damasko in a unique league of watchmakers.

We believe that DAMASKO watches with in-house movements are the most unique. They embody Damasko's entire approach to watchmaking. There are two main movements.

The Damasko A26-x In house Movement

DAMASKO manufactures the caliber A26-X, a mechanical movement with bidirectional pawl winding. It features a DAMASKO rotor with two ceramic ball bearings, 20 ruby bearing stones, and 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour. The movement is shockproof according to DIN 8308 and antimagnetic according to DIN 8309. It has a power reserve of 42 hours and is regulated in six positions.

The DAMASKO A26-x movement is available in both the DAMASKO "DK" and “DSub” models in our stores.

The Damasko C51 In house Movement

The DAMASKO chronograph movement C51 TOP is a mechanical movement with automatic winding. It features a stop-seconds function, 27 ruby jewels, and 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour. It's shockproof according to DIN 8308 and antimagnetic according to DIN 8309. It also has a power reserve of 50 hours and is regulated in 5 positions. This movement is highly reminiscent of the Lemania 5100 with it’s central minutes chronograph function.

The DAMASKO C51-x Central Minutes Chronograph movement is featured in all DC7x, DC8x, and DC9x watch models.

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Primarily, DAMASKO is a steel manufacturer that produces high-end components for the aeronautical and naval industries. These materials are also used in their watches, providing extremely durable cases and components capable of withstanding tough situations.

State Of The Art Steels

Damasko uses two main types of steel in their watch cases and components. Both of these steels are ultra-durable and unique in the industry.

Damasko's ice-hardened steel is used in many of the DC series chronographs. The cases and components made from this steel are hardened all the way through, not just on the surface. Many people mistakenly compare Damasko's "Ice Hardened" steel to surface-hardened steel, such as Tegimented steel. However, Damasko's Ice Hardened steel is hardened from the outside to the inside, making it extremely robust.

Damasko also uses their "submarine steel", the same steel used in modern German naval shipbuilding and on vessels like the state-of-the-art German 212 submarine class ships. This is not "recycled U-boat steel" as found in other brands. Damasko prefers to use their Submarine steel on the DK and Dsub watches that feature water resistance greater than 200m.

DAMEST Coating

Damasko enhances the durability of their steels by utilizing a proprietary black DAMEST coating. This renders the surface of the watch more resistant to scratches and abrasions by adhering to the already hardened case. The ice-tempered stainless steel provides a stable, shock-resistant base. Meanwhile, the layered structure of the carrier material and casing delivers a unique elasticity that can absorb impacts up to a certain level.

Steel Bracelets

Damasko offers two in-house manufactured bracelets. Both feature extensive adjustability and are made from extremely durable materials - Ice Hardened steel and Submarine steel.

Their ice-hardened bracelet, which is entirely made in-house in Germany, is crafted from ice-hardened stainless steel. The case is similarly made of this material, with heavy-duty connecting elements constructed from Grade 5 titanium. The process, from design development to the production of each part at our facility in Barbing, as well as hand assembly, culminates in a high-tech product representative of German engineering.

Alternatively, the Submarine steel bracelet features links made of submarine steel. The buckle, however, is crafted from ice-hardened stainless steel. This bracelet is corrosion-resistant and seawater-resistant, making it an optimal companion for any kind of outdoor activities. It is more delicate than the ice-hardened manufactory steel bracelet, yet it is 100% adapted to fit our watch cases. The lugs are 5-axis milled to ensure this exact fit.