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Made In Wetzlar "Time Keepers" Cantonment Kerchief Set

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Introducing the latest Kerchief set, a result of our exciting collaboration with Cantoment Co. This set boasts the same soft of cotton and an innovative schematic design showcasing two of our most cherished mechanical tools: Watches and Cameras. Included in this set are not only two kerchiefs but also a woggle, reminiscent of a NATO-style watch strap. From keeping your rangefinder window clean to wiping off some fingerprints from your watch crystal these kerchiefs not only look good, but like all good tools, serve a purpose. Limited to just 250 sets worldwide, this set will never be reproduced once sold out!

- 18.5" x 18.5" Kerchief
- 100% soft & Supple cotton
- Limited to 250 sets
- Only Available at Leica Store San Francisco, Camera West & C.W. Watch Shop

    Our partnership with Cantoment began after the overwhelming success of our initial limited edition Kerchief set, "The Dual Range." With this new release, we've taken our collaboration to a deeper level, celebrating the practical beauty of these cherished tools at Camera West and Leica store San Francisco.

    The concept of "Time Keepers" emerged from the realization that both cameras and watches are not merely aesthetically pleasing mechanical instruments; they are tools of time. Watches tell us the time in the present, while cameras capture and immortalize moments, offering a glimpse into the past and preserving them for the future through the eyes of photographers.

    Selecting the perfect timekeeping tools to represent this idea was crucial. We chose a classic field watch, reminiscent of the legendary "Dirty Dozen" field watches that endured the Second World War and continue to serve today. Complementing this choice is the Classic Leica IIIg, featuring Leica's inaugural 50mm Summilux lens. The Leica IIIg holds a significant place in Leica's history as the last screw mount camera produced and was manufactured concurrently with the iconic Leica M3. Upon closer examination, you'll notice striking visual similarities between these two tools, from the bold arrow decoration on the watch dial to the film advance direction indicator on the Leica IIIg. Even the machined knurling on the watch's crown and the camera's ergonomic touch points ensure effortless operation.



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